Book a stand at PHEX

If you are interested in exhibiting at any of the PHEX 2018 shows please contact either:

Mark Edginton
Event Director
T: +44 (0)20 7973 4640


Laurie Guy
Area Sales Manager
T: 07966 373634

Julian Smith, Managing Director - Boiler-m8

PHEX gave us great exposure to all buyers across the spectrum, with Boiler M8 being a new player in the Magnetic Boiler Filtration industry, it was nice to see our competitors and speak to customers about our new product.  The reception and comments we received were very complimentary and promising.  The demand for more energy efficient homes is in line with our brand ethos, we want to create more awareness on ways to be more efficient in the home. We are in the process of partnering up with a major recycling plant to recycle magnets; this will make us a more carbon positive company.

With all that being said, the exhibition was a great success for us and endeavour to do more PHEX exhibitions across the U.K.


Supporting Exhibitors