Please read carefully

Data Sales

There has been a recent surge in the number of organisations claiming to be working with us on data related activities and list sales for our various events. Please be aware that such companies have absolutely no affiliation with us whatsoever. If you are contacted with the offer to purchase any of our event data please ignore – it is a scam!

Fairguide / Expo Guide

Similar to the recent activity we have been alerted to regarding data we would like to make it clear that Hemming Group do not have any relationship with Fairguide or Expo Guide who may contact you regarding listings on their products.


Hotel Scams

We are aware of companies offering housing/hotel services that are contacting exhibitors, attempting to sell ‘discounted’ hotel rooms on behalf of the event organisers. If you receive a call of this nature we advise that you treat it as suspicious and hang up.

Our 2021 Exhibitors